Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
The  safety industrial  technology of  using  sodium in catalysis and synthesis
Chemical synthesis and industrial application of organolithium
Reactions at ultralow temperature, non-water/oxidizing conditions
Chemical synthesis of acetylene and acetylene in carbonylation
The industrial production of Cl chemicals and derivatives
Cyanidation & hydrogenation
Coupling engineering of Continuous ester hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
Continuous ester ammoniation reaction engineering
Clean production engineering and comprehensive utilization of by-product, circulation

Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Establishment: February,1987
Reorganization: 1993 and became  Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  in 1999.
Capital: CNY 30 million
Business activities:  
R&D and manufacturing of intermediates of pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates; manufacturing, trade and recovery of electronic chemicals; Outsourcing taking technology and materials as investments, custom-synthesis, CRO, CMO; the transferring of manufacturing methods of engineering chemicals and counter purchase of products.
Supporting Banks:Bank of China, Commercial Bank of Taizhou
Plant areas: Jiaojiang plant:15380M2 ,Lepin plant:23500M2,Linhai plant:58000M2.
Electric power:
Industry supply power:2500KVA  self-support power: 800KVA
Water: industrial water, tap water.
Waste water treatment: A biologic treatment equipment enables300MT of liquid effluent to be treated per day.
Be honest, regulation-abiding, law-abiding and frank; respecting each other,  focused on customers’ needs,  all enterprises in this industry are the worthy opponents of our company. 

Customer service:  
Provide value-added and reliable service, work together to build an efficient, safe and modern sales channel and network of chemicals.

Development direction:  
The realization of smart chemical industry: making huge reforming on production mode, product structure, service pattern and public liability. Upgrading our development mode into environment-friendly way, recyclable way, and sustainable way. We aim to be a new chemical company with “Three-ZERO”---Zero Waste, Zero Pollution and Zero Ecological Dynamic.

Making the best team in this industry
 Creating more profits and benefits
 Helping customers getting more successes
 Ensuring sustainable development

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